We are a living, multi-cultural Christian parish that strives to bond together to help one another within our church and our community.  Our church comunity consist of individuals from various backgrounds, grounded in the grace of the Lord with values that foster love, kindness and faithfulness. With God, we hope to bring hope, joy, love and peace to families and the world in general. 


Is in step with our mission statement of sharing Christ’s love by promoting a warm and welcoming climate, evangelizing his Word and achieving spiritual growth. Grateful for God’s abundant blessing, we celebrate his most important gift, one another.”


Pastor: Rev. John Atoyebi

Eucharistic Ministers​:

P. Bowen           S. DeSadier   

A. Bowman       T. Owasanoye

D. Avant

Alter Servers:

Saturday                            Sunday
Lono Gaines                     D. Ogunyoye
Marc Rhymes                   J.  Ogunyoye   

                                           T. Ogunyoye

                                           T. Ogunyoye

                                           O. Owasanoye


Diane Geter

Youth Ministry Co-ordinator:

Michele Rhymes

Commentators:   D. Avant, S. DeSadier



T. Berry         V. Iyorkegh    S. Martino

M. Eyinle       V. Bedell        C. Owasanoye

P. Bowen       M. Rhymes

Office Staff:

Sheila Bell

Desiree Davidson

Patricia Malden


Finance Chairman:

Carl Bowen

Music Minister:                  Music Staff:               

Tyrone Pittman                  Josephine Rankins


Karris Carmen

Women’s Club President:

Janis Jackson

St. Clotilde women's club is in need of fresh fundraising ideas to generate money for our church. Please help by suggesting new events that will garner income for the new year.  Discuss your ideas with Beverly Slater, Club Vice - President 


All ideas are welcome via Email: st.clotilde@comcast.net for review.

Men’s Collation President:

Olasumbo Atoyebi

Parish Council President:

Beverly Slater


Come join our church comminity and find your faith!